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Snap’s First AR Ghost Phone Game Is Scary

Snap Games is a platform by snapchat for games. Snapchat has designed a rocket button in the chat feature that has to be tapped when one needs to play games. These games can be played with friends as it is a multiplayer platform. Many ideas introduced by snap has been copied by other services so snap has to be continuously updating itself to keep users coming back.

Now Snap has launched the first augmented reality game within Snapchat, a scary “Phone Found” title called ghost phone. In the game, you will solve a mystery related to what happened to the previous owner of a smartphone, and you will quickly learn that things are anything but horrific. Read more about Snapchat Business – A Great Way to Promote Your Brand

The essence of the game is to use the camera on your actual smartphone to find augmented reality ghosts that appear in your nearby surroundings. You will complete different types of activities to find and capture ghosts for example, I had to track three energy balls floating around my desk to show a ghost. As you catch more ghosts, you’ll unlock additional things you can check out on Phone, like new text messages and more apps. The main idea here is to solve the mystery of the abandoned phone and its owner 

ghost phone Snap is on augmented reality games, the kind that has had some problems Find a hit like Niantic Pokemon Go. While I don’t think ghost phone You’ll reach that level of critical mass, the short time I’ve had with him so far has been more fun than I expected, and I’ve enjoyed it More than other AR games I’ve tried.

If you want to check out ghost phone for yourself, go searching for it in Lens Explorer. Snap has some other games available too, including Bitmoji PartyAnd the Forget BitmojiAnd the Bitmoji paint.

The best thing is that Snapchat offers all of its games for free and its users can enjoy all of them without paying for it. You just have to scroll till you find the game that attracts you, now simply tap on it and after waiting for it to load it is ready for you to play.



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