SKR: vaccine doses do not need to be discarded

Emma Spaak, head of the Swedish Municipalities and Regions (SKR) Healthcare and Medicare, says that throughout March, Astra Zeneca takes in nearly a quarter of all doses delivered to Sweden.

So the areas that are being vaccinated now need to change their layout, and fewer injections will be given.

There is now no compensation from other vaccines, she says.

Another game plan

The pause reflected the playing field, but authorities acted quickly according to SKR.

Regions need messages as fast as possible, and we often counts when companies come in with letters too late. But this is about taking quick action within the authorities so that we can take a break for precautionary reasons. This message indicates that the vaccine safety system is working.

In Jönköping, for example, 4,500 vaccines are canceled per week as a result of the break. In the Norrbotten area, Astra’s break initially means 3,800 people must receive another vaccine. They now have to wait – it’s not clear how long.

At the moment, our work is affected a lot, because we have to slow down and communicate with people. We await Thursday’s decision related to the Astra vaccine. If the break was only temporary, then there wouldn’t be such a big effect in the long term, says Pia Nasval, Norrbotten’s chief physician and vaccination coordinator.

A premature baby

So far, according to SKR, it is unclear how the Public Health Agency’s decision to temporarily press the pause button affects the so-called “Midsummer Target”, which is that all adults who want to have the vaccination by the end of the year.

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Emma Plumber says it is too early to say what impacts will happen in the future.

Fortunately, areas that are already in the process of being vaccinated with the Astra vaccine will not have to shed doses to a large extent. Only doses that had time to open Tuesday morning, says the head of healthcare.

An unopened vial can be stored for six months in the refrigerator so that doses that have already been dispensed can be stored in the vaccination unit. I don’t see you going to have to throw anything out, says Emma Plumber.

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