Skotts debutalbum “Always Live For Always” now

World of Sound Artist Scott is a collection of popular children’s music, video game soundtracks, and pop rock music. When it launched in 2016, not many people understood that behind the dazzling star shot was a new Swedish artist who removed the dots from his last name Sk├Âtt.

With the double-sided single “ Porcelain / Wolf, ” artist Scott spread her wings around the world in 2016, and suddenly the name appeared overnight on everyone’s lips. Lord and Katy Perry praised her music on Twitter, radio files included Zane Lowe and Annie Mac in the hymn, and for two years Skott released one song after another while touring Europe and the United States. But Scott was secretly dreaming of releasing an entire album, and when it became clear to her that her record company wanted to keep focusing on one song at a time, she began writing and recording an album behind their backs in secret.

On the newly launched Dollar Menu, Skott has released singles like ‘Bloodhound’, ‘Midas’ and ‘Talk About Me’ since last fall, which are songs that have caught the attention of media outlets such as Billboard Magazine, BBC Radio 1, NylonMagazine and Refinery 29. At the start of 2020, her music has been streamed over 100 million times online.

Today, the much awaited debut album “Always Live For Always” was finally released, an album that went unnoticed and graced itself seamlessly between different voices and genres, yet its distinctive voice and narrative lyrics tie everything together in a holistic experience. On the record, Skott has collaborated with a number of friends, including songwriters Peter St. James and Niklas Lev.

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Objectively speaking, the songs revolve around dreams and through the album we follow Scott on an introspective journey. Along the way, she explores everything from madness and darkness, shattered relationships, jealousy and guilt to unforgettable love, emotional rebellion, and the realization that she has found her soulmate.

Listen to the entire “Always Live For Always” album here

List of songs

1. Stay awake

2. My name is

3. Talk about me

4. Police dog

5. Benz

6. Porcelain

7. Midas

8. Kodak and Codeine

9. Amelia

10. Burning incense

11. Settled

12. Darling (bonus)

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