SKI: Extreme – Fusion Carbon 105 test [2022]

2021-04-07 10:06

We tested the Extrem Carbon 105 from Åre Skidfabrik. The Fusion series’ lightest variant with a carbon fiber chassis is balanced to be light but does not compromise performance. Skating is intended to be the ultimate hybrid to suit the skier who wants freestyle to ride, but at the same time you don’t have to hesitate before choosing him for a day on the slopes.

I’m in Åre, The most important small ski village in Sweden in the heart of Littland. I feel elated and point out when I roll down the parking lot to Åre Skidfabrik.

Know right now I just want to look at the skis and pick them up, but when I’m next offered a tour of the Extended Skate Factory my little skiing heart beats a few extra beats.

In Extrem

More on Extrem and Extre Skidfabrik. Founders Patrick and Stephan began building snowboards in their parents’ garage in Ostersund in early 1981. They saw what was happening in the United States and soon followed suit. The period of snowboard manufacturing led to the manufacture of ski equipment in 1998 and it was not until 2011 when the current owners repurchased the Extreme brand from the then Norwegian owners.

Today, work continuesn under the name Åre Skidfabrik, where skates are also designed, manufactured and distributed. Extrem accounts for about half of the skis manufactured in re Skidfabrik. Other factory-manufactured brands, for example, SGN Skis, Stereo, and Rocky Mountain Underground.

I have finished I do my best to be objective despite the circumstances with sleds not made in re. But now I kick the door and start this test.


The ski we’re going to focus on today is the Fusion Carbon 105. Xtreme intends to tailor this ski to you for those looking for the best all-round skiing. Skateboarding that you can ride properly on piste and get an outlet for your creative riding style. At the same time, you don’t have to hesitate when choosing the same skates for an entire day on the summit excursion.

Skateboarding is made of Two layers of pre-saturated carbon fiber and two layers of pre-saturated fiberglass. Wood core is made from a mixture of the poplar poppy plant with the light duck Paulownia (imperial tree).

Unlike Other models are from Xtreme and this makes the skateboard lighter. I felt the difference between different tree species in the plant and felt a great difference in the wood pulp used in this skiing.

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Moreover, Extrem Over the past 6-7 years, a substance called koroyd has been used in the tail and tail. Koroyd is used as material to reduce swing weight of skis and around this material there is ABS frame to protect koroid itself. Koroyd has a durable and lightweight honeycomb housing.

Fusion Carbon 105 is It was built with a rock profile that Extrem calls a progressive rock profile. That is, a gradual incremental slope of vibration that increases more and more as the tip and tail appear. According to Extrem, this is a versatility that means a large portion of skiing falls in snow when you place it on a hard surface, but it also flows well in powder.

Moreover, skiing Constructed with an underfoot extension of 2-3 mm. This makes the skateboard less swimming and creates the little extra pop that many people require when spinning.

Specifications Extreme Fusion 105 Carbon:

Lengths: 172, 179, 186 (cm)
Tip Dimensions: 133, 134, 136 (mm)
Waist: 105 (mm)
Tail: 121, 122, 124 (mm)
Satisfied: 18, 19, 21 (m)
Vikt: 172cm: 1540g, 179cm: 1610g, 186cm: 1750g

Day 1, EXTREME FUSION CARBON 105 in the lift system

We fasten the tape I am now on top of Tegefjäll. Just because this skiing is promised to be a thing of freestyle skiing for both piste and summit cruise, my plan is to extend my days with the Extrem Carbon 105 and expose the skis to whatever you’re aiming for.

I start with a full day piste. A gray cloudy day before Easter, visibility is fine, and the front is rough at first, but a little bit in the afternoon, it turns into a classic dirty spring from before. This gives me the opportunity to test skiing in various conditions. My goal of the day is to squeeze skiing right and see what works for him. Full speed on piste, downhill and flat, tests snow grip and ski stability. On some reels and butter 3s to push when it comes to fun. Although no powder is served in Tegefjäll / Duved this day, I make my way through Tegeskogen in a full cart several times to see how it behaves even off the piste. Their progressive rocker looks are well proportioned and bear the messy frenzy unmistakably.

My first feeling after the first ride was: “Did you get the wrong skates? That’s too good to be true.” My position on the skateboard when I picked it up at the factory was that it has the Carbon name and tour features as a spec, so it probably wouldn’t be a thing for a fun retired racing fox like me. But okay, I got it. The Fusion Carbon 105 skiing game surprised me from the very first moment and gave me an amazing skiing day. The stability of the sledge allowed me to stand up at high speed without worrying about it. At the same time the relatively low turning radius makes it easy to shift from one edge to the other. It’s also easy to handle when it comes to speeding downhill after being pushed hard down a slide or into a dense forest.

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Conclusion So Fusion Carbon surprised me with its lift system features. If there’s one thing I react to that could be considered negative, it would likely be fun. It is relatively tough, due to its carbon fiber construction. This makes it stable in speed but also handy. On the other hand, I find it a bit stiff at the back ends, which can be an advantage when you want to go fast but at the same time it’s a drawback if you want to do tricks and butter between the rollers and the like. In other words, I feel a slight lack of fun in this sled.

The second day, top tour

As mentioned earlier It promised a thorough ski test as according to the manufacturer it would work as both a latch and a ski top. I follow my local contacts in the Åre region and point the cow towards Storulvån. The goal is to smell a number of slightly hairy gutters to climb up and thunder down for them. We stop along the mountain path just before Storulvån Mountain Station and head west towards the day’s mission. Climb up some steep gutters and then climb and descend into the cold, pushed snow. Visibility is limited and therefore well suited to walking along steep rock walls as a reference point.

Back to the skis, It is despite what you are interested in. This Extrem Fusion Carbon 105 is equipped with a Kingpin brand that does just as well as snowboarding. The ski weighs a constant 1,750 grams, which makes it not only the lightest but not the heaviest ski people choose to ride.

Snow dizzy The gusts of wind are more than 20 seconds when we stand on the first gutter. I step into Extrem Fusion Carbon 105 and got a gutter drip as a second person. The wind had already pushed our tracks from going up again and thanks to the winds from the rock wall, I had a cold snow ride like no other. The ski swings quickly and easily during the cold but a little crowded with the April snows. When I speed up and it’s time to stop, I make a few simple turns to stop and then stand completely motionless.

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I am so happy With how the Extrem Fusion Carbon 105 behaves in steep and narrow terrain. I feel safe with the slide and it relieves the pressure when I challenge it. At the same time it swings easily and casually and fits perfectly into the slightly playful skating style.

if you like A true lightweight or if you are going to do crazy tricks that perform steep drops then this may not be the skiing for you. But if you want skating that is stable at speed, easy to handle, and enjoyable, this is a good alternative. For days in the elevator system or on a summit trip. An all-in-one ski is ideal for those looking for a solution to that tough settlement to get everything you need with just a pair of skis. The Extreme Fusion Carbon 105 is definitely a strong candidate for those looking for an answer to this dilemma.

+ Fast response in both cut corners but also in a non-slip condition that is technically demanding
+ Extremely stable for weight
+ It works for both piste and summit
+ Elegant design

– Fun, hard to have everything. This skateboarding has some fun but if I have to I hope it’s a lot more fun and poppy.

Rating 4.5

Noun: Olly Steinback
age: 26 years old
Length: 184
Weight: 75 kg

background: Former Alpine racer who transformed racing teams into powder skis. I spent 3 seasons skiing abroad on different continents. In the past four seasons, college studies and skiing have been combined as closely as possible.

else: It prefers not to touch the powder, it is easily accessible, but when it is not there it is not a coward to put on the skins and look for the best snow. So stiff to not call itself a jibber but to dust the occasional little trick. As a result, Olle prefers relatively light skis but above all the stable skis with which they can still be creative.

Text: Olle Stenbäck

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