Silent Hill’s composer hints at a new project: “What You Have Been Hoping For”

I heard a Youtube clip downloaded now.

the silent HillFans were torn between hope and despair during an additional rumor mill in 2020 Two new the silent Hill-Toy: A simple restart and the return of Kojima. Sony was pissed off Wanted to buy loose the silent HillAnd the Metal equipment And the Castlevania By Konami. However, a North American PR representative from Konami poured water on the rumor mill and claimed everything was fake.

And no, this is not a euphemism for something else. From. Maybe this summer will change?

In No. nedplockad YouTube movie (Unclear why) from an interview with Love the silent HillComposer Akira Yamaoka. Including Siliconiera Draw attention to the clip titled “New Silent Hill?”, Before removing it. There, Yamaoka says his new venture will likely be unveiled this summer. The composer is outspoken but indicates that the project is our thing “Meditation”.

I think he’s the one you hope to hear about.

Yamaoka has done more than that the silent Hill During his 30-year career, and in recent years, for example, he’s worked on a new program AverageAnd the World of Tanks And in prof the silent Hill– (They!) Intersect with He died in broad daylight. However, he is best known for composing music for eight Silent Hills.

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