She led the United States over Slovakia – to the semi-finals

The United States is increasingly emerging as one of the main gold candidates in the Hockey World Cup. Thursday’s quarter-final match against Slovakia was an easy match for the Americans, who took their seventh straight win.

The United States immediately grabbed the baton and it was 3-0 after the first half.

CLIP: Watch Garland’s solo tour that gave 3-0

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Watch Garland’s solo tour against Slovakia

The final score was 6-1 after goals from Colin Blackwell and Conor Garland.

serious damage

Even more worrying for the United States is that brilliant talent Matthew Benners was forced to end the match after a bad situation. The 18-year-old dropped his bow and flew off the ledge, injuring his foot.

The right knee or leg gets stuck in a ledge or ice. This poses a very high risk of injury, says Nils Ekmann of SVT about this situation.

Hill’s Matt Roy also resigned from today’s quarter-finals after interfering in the first period.

The United States ranked first

The US team started the World Cup with a loss to Finland. But he has since achieved seven consecutive victories after today’s victory over Slovakia.

So the United States is ready for the semi-finals. Who they will face will be decided by the rankings based on the group stage, with USA being ranked number one, and therefore facing the worst ranked team from the group stage. Sowing is: 1) the USA, 2) the Republic of China, 3) Finland, 4) Switzerland, 5) the Czech Republic, 6) Germany, 7) Slovakia, 8) Canada.

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This means that the United States will face Germany (who beat Switzerland) or Canada (if they can defeat Russia in the quarter-finals).

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