Shaman on the storm: I regret entering the building

More than 300 people are suspected of committing crimes related to the storming of Congress on January 6, when five people were killed. It will probably take several months before all trials are completed, she says Watchman.

One of the suspects He is the so-called Q-shaman Jake Angeli, suspected of illegal parasitism and harassing behavior. It is said that the man captured in a photo wearing a fur hat with horns, with the colors of the American flag painted on his face, is in Congress.

In an interview with CBS News 60 Minutes Angeli says his actions were not an attack on the United States. At the same time, he claims to have prevented people from stealing and vandalizing the building.

I also prayed in the sacred room, because I intended to return God to the Senate, he says.

Angeli Minnard That he had great sympathy for then President Donald Trump, as he appeared to be persecuted by the “establishment”.

I have been a victim of it all my life, at school and at home. I got to know the negative things he had gone through in many ways. I genuinely believed in and believed that he cared about the constitution, that he cared about the American people.

As DN previously reported, Angeli is a supporter of Act, a digital movement that worships Trump and considers the U.S. state apparatus corrupt. When asked if he now regrets his strong loyalty to Trump, he replied in the negative. Nevertheless, he says he regrets that he thought it was okay to go to Congress when “the police wave the mob.”

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– I regret that I entered that building. I deeply regret that I entered this building.

The last to be under arrest It is Richard Barnett, pictured and presented on the desk of Speaker Nancy Pelusis (D) inside Congress. It is now suspected of a number of federal crimes such as illegal snooping and harassing behavior, depending on the states NBC News.

On Thursday, the judge told Barnett that he must remain in prison until he appears in court in May. Then he started yelling at the judge and said it was not fair for him to continue his detention.

Everyone who has done much worse things is already at home. He said: I have been here for a month.

Barnett’s attorney denies the anger was directed at the judge.

He said, “Mr. Barnett’s frustration is rooted in the fact that he was imprisoned before trial, even though he had no criminal record, that he was a wage earner, respected in his community, and had been in a stable relationship for 20 years.” Attorney Joseph D. McBride told NBC News.

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