Several were arrested – before Navalny’s trial

On January 17, opposition politician Alexei Navalny was arrested upon his arrival in Russia, after he recovered in Germany from a toxic attack by people linked to the Russian intelligence service.

Russian prosecutors demand the transfer of a previous suspended sentence for embezzlement of funds from a state timber company, 2014. If the sentence is changed, Navalny could face three and a half years in prison, he writes Reuters. According to prosecutors, Navalny violated his suspended sentence by violating his duty to report to authorities at the end of last year.

Navalny defended himself by saying he had been unable to do so, as he was in a coma in Germany to recover from a poison attack.

Meanwhile, a libel trial is under way in which Navalny is accused of defaming a Russian veteran. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison and must pay damages of up to half a million kronor, he writes DN.

Navalny is currently serving a 30-day prison sentence in connection with the same case.

Today’s trial has been postponed by an hour – according to Dagens Nyheter, referring to Russian media, the judge who was to rule at the last second has been replaced. The new judge is named Natalia Repnikova.

Many were arrested in the courtroom

Over the past two weeks, Russian citizens have demonstrated across the country in support of Alexei Navalny, and Russian police have arrested thousands. Ahead of the trial, Navalny’s allies called on his supporters to show their support for the detained opposition politician outside the courtroom on Tuesday.

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according to Reuters Russian police began to intervene against the crowd gathered in front of the court – more than a hundred people were arrested, according to the Russian TV channel Dozjds.

The police began arresting people, according to what one person told the news agency.

according to today’s news Then the entire building around the courtroom would be closed to face counter-demonstrations.

Julia Navalnaga is in place

Julia Navalna, Navalny’s wife, is present during today’s trial. According to DN reporter Anna Lena Loren, she doesn’t answer any questions.

Navalny’s tribute to his wife

Russian TV channel Dozjds pictures show Alexei Navalny on site in the courtroom. He is seen standing behind protective glass. Before the trial begins, Navalny’s voice is heard through a microphone:

– Julia, I heard that you are constantly disturbing the public order. Naughty girl, I am proud of you! According to a DN reporter.

Foreign Minister on site in Moscow

Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde (south) is in Moscow on Tuesday for a ministerial meeting with her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. Linde’s visit to Moscow comes within the framework of the current Swedish presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“I will deal with the neurotoxic attack, dealing with Navalny, and dealing with the demonstrations last weekend,” Lindy said in a introductory speech to the meeting.

Professor: “I think Putin is very afraid.”

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