Serious doubts about Prince Harry’s return to England.

The relationship between the two prince’s two siblings has been strained since Harry and Meghan left the royal family last year, and tensions were exacerbated after Oprah met the couple. There, the royal family was accused of racism, and Megan said she felt like a prisoner and claimed Kate made her cry before the wedding with Harry. It is said that Prince William found it unacceptable for Megan to hang out with his wife during the interview.

When Harry recently returned to England to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, he had a two-hour conversation with his brother William and father, Charles. The hope was that this would break the ice and pave the way for reconciliation.

– The relationship between “Fab Four” – Harry, Meghan, William and Kate – is now so disconnected that everyone is in full swing facing the slightest sign that things are getting better or worse. The conversation after Prince Phillips’ funeral had a start but it was apparently very tense, says court expert Phil Damper, who wrote the book Royal Fitting: Harry and Meghan In Their Own Words.

Princess Diana was turning 60 this summer.

picture: DENIS PAQUIN / AP TT News Agency

“Don’t think Megan will return to the UK”

On July 1, Princess Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997, will turn 60 years old. She will be honored by unveiling a statue at Kensington Palace. The plan was always for the brothers Harry and William to stand side by side at the unveiling. But Harry’s participation has yet to be officially confirmed – the question is whether it will happen.

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Prince Harry will return to England to unveil the curtain, but there are serious doubts that it will happen now, says Phil Dampier who also believes Meghan has left the country forever:

I personally don’t think Megan will return to the UK.

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Highlights from the aforementioned interview with Harry and Meghan

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