Sense of blue and yellow: Sweden is out of the United States despite no great judgment Sports

The soccer quarter-final between Sweden and the United States turned into a nail biting that had to be decided on penalties. But the match had to end early – Sweden scored a goal that was wrongly canceled in extra time.

Sweden is ready for the semi-final round of the Olympic Games after a match against Olympic defending champion and world champion USA.

Employment ended 4-3 to Sweden. Lisa Dalcvist placed the decisive penalty – despite the fact that US goalkeeper Hope Solo tried to stir the psyche of the Swede. Christine Press missed the last punishment for the United States.

Angry Swedes by extension

With five minutes left in overtime, it started getting really hot.

Both Sweden and the United States scored in an intense minute – but both goals were rejected. The United States for rudeness and Sweden for offside.

But there was no offside on Lotta Shilin. The linear judge made the wrong assessment – she didn’t wait for Swedish reactions.

Referee scandal, worst mistake on this level, robbery, beating referees from Olympic tournaments, worst referee I have missed, summoned when journalists and experts spoke out of affection.

Fortunately, the failure was not decisive at the end of the match.

Sweden advanced in the second half

Sweden made it 1-0 in the second half after a counterattack. Young Stina Blackstenius was the last to be on the ball.

The United States tied 13 minutes before the end of the match.


Sweden-USA 4-3 in the penalty shootout, 1-1 after extra time
Sverige: Blackstenius 61
United States of America: Morgan 77

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America: Morgan missed, Horan’s goal, Lloyd’s goal, Brian’s goal, press wasting
Sweden: Shilene’s goal, Aslani’s goal, Cimbrant’s wasting, Sejer’s goal, Dalqvist’s goal.

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