Schuller moves to the United States: “Everyone agrees” | Sports

Rasmus Schuller chose to take the next step in his career. After a period of rumors, Hacken confirmed that the midfielder would be leaving for matches at Minnesota United.

In the middle of the January tour, writing began on Rasmus Schuller’s future. Expressen announced the midfielder wanted to move and took an offer from MLS Minnesota United club.

Later, Häcken’s sports director, Sonny Karlsson, confirmed that there were offers on the table. Carlson now announces Schuller will move to the United States.

Everyone agrees he is only waiting for a work visa, says Carlson Göteborg-Posten.

“awesome man”

Thus, Schuller’s one-year residency will be at Gutenberg. He played eighteen matches and scored a goal during the Allsvenskan season, which started poorly due to injury.

– Wonderful guy, he ruined half of the season. We have never been able to fully see what he stands for with us. It started very well. Focused, Hardworking, Good Feet, Team Leader.

Schuller came to Häcken after several seasons at HJK and signed a contract running through the end of 2018. Schuller played 23 caps and had time in three of the team’s four World Cup qualifiers last fall.

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