Scandinavian Federation as an alternative?

OftenRecently, those of us who are opposed to the European Union have been labeled right-wing populists. Not only is it wrong but it’s a blunt move as well. In all political parties in the Riksdag, with the possible exception of the liberals, there are doubts about how the European Union will develop. Doubts are hardly given space in the press.

In other words, within nearly every parliamentary party there are skeptics of the European Union who are now told they are right-wing populists.

At most, the parliamentary parties express, centrally, that the European Union must change from within and that the arena is the European Parliament. It is a mistake to think that it will work. If the European Union could be changed from the inside, Britain, with a population of 67 million, probably would not have felt compelled to hold a referendum on continued membership in this undemocratic and bureaucratic structure of the United States of Europe.

A must-have for Brussels Members of the European Parliament listened to the criticism, and should have listened and supported Britain out loud when disputes arose within the Union. but not. We often hear that public opinion of EU membership is still high in Sweden. Perhaps this is because the membership issue is simplified to whether you support or oppose EU membership?

On the other hand, if the question was posed with an alternative to continuing membership in the European Union, the answer might be different. The RI was able to participate in a poll conducted by Sentio, at the end of January 2020. The question was: Can a Nordic Union be created consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with a common policy on a wide range of issues such as the environment, legal policy and foreign policy And trade agreements with the European Union and other countries, and you had to choose whether Sweden would join this European Union or be a member of the European Union. What will you vote for?

The result was Then they are also different and distributed as follows. 42 percent were with the Nordic Union, 31 percent were with continued membership in the European Union and 27 percent did not know. The Rif independently believes this issue should be discussed, in Sweden, without accusing the debaters of being right-wing populists. Many of us see Sweden as another alternative. An alternative that would suit Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region is much better. Partly it goes back to our long shared history, and partly because the Nordic countries share basic democratic values.

Magnus MalmsteinRural Independent Party (LPO), Nortale

Hans Brustrom (LPO) Halen

Aki Carlson (LPO), Norrkoping

Anne Sophie Hagberg (LPO), Nortale

Peter Johansson (LPO), Nortale

Michael Bonnet LPO), Nortale

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