Russia won the prestigious meeting with the United States

Spencer Knight is one of the most famous players in the United States. He makes his third J-League match, was the first goalkeeper to be selected in the draft last year, and has likely many years ahead of him in the best league in the world. The premiere tonight is against Russia, maybe he wants to be forgotten as soon as possible.

The goalkeeper was substituted midway through the second half. By then, Russia had withdrawn to 4-1 after two quick goals resulted from less successful passes from the goalkeeper.

Myths in the Russian Kiosk

Of course, Knight shouldn’t be blamed entirely. The Russian leadership was well deserved. The parallel tie for the Soviet red machine of the 1980s is always a bit close when a Russian national team has a few straight assists.

But last night that proverb was not far-fetched. Igor Larionov is off the bench as head of the Russian national team. It’s no wild guess that he has much to do with the offensive hockey hockey that the Russians have shown.

The United States woke up late

When the Americans looked the most reckoning, the wind turned. At the end of the match, they also provided equal resistance. After a few unnecessary Russian expulsions, it was suddenly 4-3. Even if that wasn’t enough along the way, the American finale bodes well for them for the rest of the tournament.

Sweden begins in the JVM with a match against the Czech Republic at 20 o’clock the second night.

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