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Russia expels the Swedish diplomat – DN.SE

The Foreign Ministry claims that the expulsion of the Swedish diplomat is baseless.

We confirm that Russia decided to expel a Swedish diplomat. We consider it completely unfounded, and she has presented it to the Russian side, says Julia Erickson Bogorzelska, press briefing at the Foreign Ministry.

They have big demonstrations I spent the past few weekends across Russia in support of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. On Tuesday, the sentence fell against him – three and a half years in prison – and even then there were widespread protests in the country.

We strongly reject the Russian allegations that the person participated in the demonstrations. However, a person noticed a demonstration. Part of the diplomat’s primary mission, says Erikson Bujurzelska, is monitoring political development in the host country.

At present, the Foreign Ministry cannot comment on the date of the deportation nor Sweden’s response to the incident. It also does not want to comment on how the measure has affected Russian-Swedish relations.

We apologize for the Russian action and reserve the right to take an appropriate response. I cannot comment on how Sweden will act.

Prime Minister Stephan Leuven The deportation was condemned, announced later on Friday.

“I strongly condemn Russia’s unfounded decision to expel many European Union diplomats, including a Swedish diplomat,” Leuven wrote in a statement to TT.

“The diplomat has carried out his duties in full accordance with the current regulations and the government firmly rejects the allegations that this will not be the case,” he added.

“It is not ruled out that the Russian measure may lead to retaliatory measures,” he wrote in the statement.

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Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde (S) wrote on Twitter that she “deeply regrets” the decision. She announced that she thanked the diplomat for “his important work, including strengthening contacts between people,” and added that Sweden reserves the right to respond to this “unfriendly act.”

Moreover, German A Polish diplomat was reportedly deported. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated on its website that the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of Sweden, Poland and Germany, who then protested against diplomats from countries that participated in the demonstrations in St. Petersburg on January 23. The diplomats have been declared persona non grata.

Like the Swedish politicians, the European Union and many member states condemn the expulsion of the three diplomats. The European Union’s foreign minister, Josep Borrell, is divided into one segment Press release He learned of the decision earlier on Friday during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Borrell notes that he “strongly condemned the decision and rejected accusations that they had carried out activities incompatible with their status as diplomats.” He also stressed the solidarity of the European Union with the member states concerned.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron believe the deportation is not justified, according to Agence France-Presse. From a Polish point of view, it is stated that deportation can harm the bond between states.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, according to Reuters, said the deportation was a “crude attempt” to divert attention from Russia’s treatment of opposition leaders. He points out that Britain stands behind its “European friends” in the face of “unjust actions.”

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