Rockstar is updating GTA V and Online – cutting charging times by 70 percent

In the post On Twitter Rockstar announced a new update for Grand Theft Auto V. The update includes, among other things, a long-awaited improvement in GTA Online shipping times for PC operators. The mod is based on a solution alias “tostercx” made after special discoveries in the game code, such as Rockstar. Then he researched and implemented it. Thank you for the discovery Been rewarded tostercx med US $ 10,000.

The update means PC players are expected to have up to 70 percent shorter charging times. In practice, this means a shorter wait time of several minutes, which is a big difference from the previous one. computer games Reports indicate that their internal testing is showing “a modest improvement, but an improvement after all”.

The computer driver is running Reddit Better results reports. Since it cannot be confirmed, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, but judging by the feedback, at least the update brought great joy. However, the same can’t be said for Xbox, with a less cheerful audience instead facing major problems after the update’s release. at Twitter sharing In the comments field, there were reports that the game instead crashed and became unplayable.

Since these two platforms are different, there is not necessarily a connection, but since the comments error appears to be related to a specific GTA Online, it cannot be ruled out. Rockstar has not commented on the reason for this or whether the bug was related to improvements on the PC side.

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