RNC Chair Urges Michigan Board of Directors to Pause Certification of Election Results temporarily

The latest attempt to halt the election certification process in Michigan comes after President Donald Trump appears to have failed to persuade Republicans in the Michigan legislature to help the state swing in his favor. distance Meeting With Trump in the White House on Friday, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Sherky and House Speaker Lee Chatfield said they were not aware of any new information that would change the election result in Michigan.

Democratic President-elect Joe Biden won Michigan with nearly 150,000 votes. The state is among the few countries where the Trump campaign has filed legal challenges. Its results are to be approved Monday.

The Republican bombing state, Norm Schinkel He told the Detroit News On Friday he was considering throwing his support behind a review or delaying final certification after two Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners tried unsuccessfully to revoke their certification of county results after learning that the audit would not be conducted before the state’s certification.

Schinkel said he could not make a decision before seeing the Michigan Election Office report on certification from 83 counties.
There are four members – two Democrats and two Republicans – on the Michigan State Assembly who are members of the canvas.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said earlier this week that her agency will conduct post-election scrutiny in Wayne County and some other local jurisdictions. But she said the review could not take place before the state’s results are validated because election officials do not have legal access to the required documents until then, according to the Detroit News.

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A group of Michigan voters alleged In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in the capital, which challenged election officials and their pressure on election officials, it culminated in an attempted mass voter suppression by the Trump campaign.

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