Riot starts recording audio conversations at Valorant

Riots Valorant is played in teams of five in first person, and players can communicate with their team directly through voice chat during the game. As in many other games, there are players who do not always behave well, despite violating the game’s community rules. Riot will fight it now Start recording And your voice chat is cached in Valorant.

“Never use hateful or offensive language. We do not tolerate derogatory comments about any player’s gender, race, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical abilities, religious affiliations or country of origin.” – Valor registered community

Players can currently choose to mute or block specific players’ voices, along with reporting those who violate the game’s community rules. If a player expresses himself, for example, as racist, sexist, or offensive in any way, he can It leads to the shutdown. Riot already has the ability to browse text logs from the game’s chat if a user reports that someone has behaved badly.

In order to be able to better deal with players who use voice chat to offend or harass their fellow players, all voice chat must be recorded, but not actively monitored. Audio files are only reviewed if inappropriate player behavior is reported during a match, and when the case is closed, the file is deleted.

Exactly how supervision should be done doesn’t provide Riot with any details about it. Based on the large number of active players distributed across developer addresses, this is likely to be some kind of machine moderation using artificial intelligence or language technology. Natural language processing).

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Riot is not the first to take new steps against what is commonly called “toxic behavior.” Intel bleep It is an audio-like mod under development, which should actively filter things based on user preferences. In Riot’s case, it’s not just about active censorship, it’s just registration.

Games in which players feel violated or other harassment run the risk of losing users in the long term, and thus losing profits as well. Riot aims to equip all of its games with this feature, but first it’s Valorant who relies heavily on voice chat. The update is in the testing phase, and initially only applies to the North American region.

Do you think voice chat recordings can improve other players’ performance?

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