Rift in the European Union – Denmark and Austria break up

Denmark and Austria are breaking away from the European Union, instead of developing vaccines with Israel, and thus trying to solve the vaccine shortage on their own. The two countries are collaborating to develop second-generation vaccines intended to be used as “booster doses” against mutations, Reuters news agency reported.

Now the majority in the Swedish Parliament wants Sweden to follow suit and apply from outside the European Union to buy a vaccine.

We can’t wait any longer, says Moderate Party leader Ulf Christerson on TV4.

KD, L, SD and V are also behind the proposal, according to TV4.

The government stated at a press conference in December that Sweden had made vaccinations available to all residents through the European Union. Vaccination began on December 27 and during the first half of 2021, all adults over the age of 18 who wish to receive adequate protection.

Israel is the most vaccinated in the world

In Israel, more than eight million doses have been distributed and it is considered the best country in the world by far, with 94.88 out of 100 vaccinations. The corresponding figure for Sweden is 7.14 per 100 inhabitants.

Danish Mette Frederiksen will visit Israel to talk about vaccine coordination.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is also part of the cooperation.

Photo: Christian Bruna / EPA / TT / IBA TT News Agency

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz says the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been too slow to approve vaccines.

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So we must prepare for more mutations and we must not rely solely on the European Union to produce second-generation vaccines.

When asked if Denmark and Austria will now go on their way to get vaccines, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen replied:

– Yes, you can put it this way.

Which vaccine is best?

National Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom explains how to measure the effect of different vaccines.

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