Review: Shadow and Bone on Netflix – Kulturnytt at P1

title: Shadow and bones
the actor: Jesse May Lee, Ben Barnes Amita Suman m.fl.
Type: Fantasy/Drama
Based on: Shadow and Bone by Lee Bardugo
the first show: Netflix premieres April 23
rank: 2 of 5

In the fantasy world, Ravka possesses a magical dark cloud divided from west by east.

When people try to cross the cloud, monsters hide in the dark, but when it becomes clear that the woman holds a hidden light within her, the world may soon change forever.

“Shadow and Bone” It is based on the book series of the same name and appears to be Netflix’s new attempt to appeal to fans of “Game of Thrones” hungry for fantasy.

The problem with fantasy series like “Shadow and bone” is, however, that they do not want their story to start on a small scale, but first throw us into the world of wizards, monsters and intrigues all over the world.

This means that all the characters we encounter in clumsy ways must constantly give the viewer the background to the story.

But a few episodes inAnd when the ears get used to it, I’m starting to think the series might have something in it anyway.

The series is clearly aimed at younger audiences, but it progresses smoothly in a way that will likely appeal to a lot of others.

Magical effects look extravagant, dresses and armor too, and among the cast there are so many beauties with high cheekbones that make him fit perfectly with dialogue that is hard to chew.

But compared to ‘Game of Thrones’, this really does feel like a light bubbly version.

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light version Characters, world building, complex social structures and lacks the mystery that really attracts the viewer.

But I can obviously avoid comparing it to a masterpiece of the genre and seeing it for what it is: a reasonably entertaining and somewhat interesting fantasy series that drops completely, but without saturation.

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