Reporters Without Borders: We must not let Dawit Isaac down

Freedom of the press is an important cornerstone of freedom of expression. The importance of freedom of expression is clearly stated in Article 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Today is 28 years since the United Nations General Assembly declared the day a World Press Freedom Day to honor all those who make sacrifices for freedom of the press.

Swedish journalist, poet and father of three, Dawit Isaac, 57, from Gothenburg, has certainly made great sacrifices for the freedom of the press.

Completely cut off from the outside world, Dawit has been imprisoned in Eritrea for nearly two decades. Where is the secret. We know he was in the notorious Irairo prison, alone in a cement cell.

Brutal treatment Written by Dawit Isaac Hard to Absorb. He was never brought to justice, never tried, denied a lawyer, and last but not least, he was denied contact with his family in Sweden.

It might sound weird to us, but the reason Dawit is behind bars is because he wrote for the largest newspaper in the country, Citit, in which he was a partner. He infuriated the eccentric and tyrannical president, Isaias Afwerki. Banning the newspaper.

Who imagines that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven would order the police to arrest a journalist who has critical views about the prime minister or his Social Democratic party?

But that is precisely what happened in the case of Dawit Isaac and colleagues. He is behind bars only because an autocratic president does not approve of media freedom.

In this Dawit Isaac has not been brought to justice. We believe that the Eritrean regime kidnapped a Swedish citizen. For us, it is unreasonable for the Eritrean state and other similar countries to escape the kidnappings of citizens of other countries without sparking loud protests at the international level.

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But this is what happened to Swedish citizen Dawit Isaac, just like the Swedish citizen, publisher and poet Guy Minhai, who was deprived of his freedom by a state as the principles of the rule of law were thrown into the trash.

And reason is a rare commodity in the world of tyrants. In 2018, young Abi Ahmed became the prime minister of more than 100 million people in Ethiopia. That was two years ago.

Africas Obama Immediately signed a peace treaty with the former enemy Eritrea. There were rumors of true democracy, respect for basic human rights for all citizens of the country, regardless of language, religion and ethnicity. An independent judiciary and a free press will be an important cornerstone of Africa’s second most populous country, after Nigeria.

To the surprise of many, Abiy Ahmed was awarded the 2019 Peace Prize in Oslo “for his work in achieving peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border dispute with neighboring Eritrea.”

In Sweden, Abi raised hopes that Dawit Isaac would be allowed to leave prison in Eritrea. The fact that Dawit Isaac was imprisoned and a free press banned was due to the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

But Dawit Isaac There was no change. It pains us to say that we see no light in the tunnel when it comes to potential democracy in Eritrea.

Our only hope and Dawit is that the Swedish government will take concrete measures to return Dawit to Sweden.

We shouldn’t disappoint Dawit Isaac anymore!

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