Report: Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have tried to influence the US elections

The now released National Intelligence Report outlining the external threats to the US elections in 2020 concluded that foreign opponents, including Russia, tried to influence the presidential election last year. Reports, among others Wall Street Journal And the CNN. It is reported that Vladimir Putin approved a series of operations.

The purpose of this effort is said to have been “to distort the candidacy of President Biden and the Democratic Party, support former President Trump, undermine public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbate social and political divisions in the United States.”

Unlike in 2016, the intelligence service did not witness any Russian electronic attempts to access the election infrastructure. There are no indications that any foreign player attempted to change any technical aspect of the voting process during the last elections, including voter registration, voting and reporting.

Russia has previously been accused of trying to influence the election outcome through a propaganda campaign on social media and the media ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Among other things, the country is said to have wanted to undermine voter confidence in the US electoral system.

The report also describes attempts to influence Iran and China, according to CNN. Iran is said to have attempted to undermine Trump’s re-election campaign and public confidence, among other things, in the election process and US institutions.

The TV channel quoted Avril Haines, head of the National Intelligence Service in the Biden government, as saying that “malign foreign influence is a permanent challenge facing our country.”

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