“Red dot” is the first Swedish movie to debut on Netflix – Kulturnytt at P1

– The Laser Man destroyed Sweden at the time. And during that time, people were doing laser pointers, especially those with shaved heads, and I always thought it was scary, ” Alan Darburg continues:

– So I was very late walking with my girlfriend at the time and I had kids. There we sat in a mountain hut while it was snowing and I thought: What if someone came and pointed at us with a laser scope now.

Alan Darburg previously directed the Alex and Jönsson League TV series to be a perfect shock, but when he was unemployed he and screenwriter Bear Dickson wrote a feature film script about the idea.

Red Dot depicts the locals looking somewhat fishy. Alain Darborg was inspired by similar films, which set the big city against the countryside.

– We wanted to play with prejudice. The idea that the first half of the movie should look like The Last Trip and Eden Lake is that we’re playing with this genre. Then he takes a big turn and instead becomes a Korean vengeance.

Getting her film on an international broadcasting service means that she gets a potential audience around the world. That’s why it was important to make Red dot Swedish as straightforward as possible, he says.

We thought we’d show these mountains to a foreign audience. And we also wanted the music to be as Swedish as ever, with Niklas Stromstedt.

The plot reminds us a bit of the Swedish film “Coco de Coco Da” by Johannes Niholm, in which a traumatized couple go on vacation in tents and are attacked. Alan Darburg says it’s a coincidence.

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– I haven’t seen “Koko-di koko-da”, so I can’t comment on it. Usually things are in the air.

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