RainbowCrack is one of the most popular and elegant password cracker that works on rainbow tables to find out the real password match. Rainbowcrack is nothing like the simple thing for brute force as it works on a series of pre-computerized tables known as rainbow tables to get an exact match. One of the best advantages of this tool is that it greatly reduces the crushing process time compared to brute force. In brute force, the hash produces all the combinations in plain text form and then compares them with the password hash to find the match. If you find a match, you will get a cracked password, otherwise all cracked hashes will be discarded as a waste.

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Designed and developed by developer Zhu Shuanglei, RainbowCrack comes with applied time memory from cryptanalysis attacks originated by PHilippe Oechslin’s Ophcrack. Rainbow Crack uses the best hashing algorithm called time-memory tradeoff.


  • Rainbow tables support all kinds of hash algorithms
  • Rainbow tables support all types of character set
  • Supports .rtc raw file format and .rt . compressed file format
  • Multiprocessor account support
  • GPU Acceleration with any powerful GPU like NVIDIA cards, AMD GPU etc.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Supports rainbow table file formats on all compatible operating systems
  • CMD interface and GUI.

Download RainbowCrack

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