Qualcomm phones will provide better haptic feedback. Good vibrations!

The thing that is minimized on the mobile front is the good vibration. Often manufacturers are content to poke simple vibration motors that are powerful enough to alert the user when something happens to the phone. However, some manufacturers in recent years have introduced better and slightly detailed vibration motors, among other things, the vibrations of Sony Xperia headphones are really great thanks to the help from the Playstation section, and with Android 12 it will be easier for developers to deliver sound to vibration, which will enhance A little gaming experience.

Now Qualcomm has also jumped into the vibration match and announced that it will collaborate with Lofelt to provide better haptic feedback in future cell phones via software. Lofelt has developed a new framework and API that phone manufacturers can use to provide a better user vibration experience, regardless of the devices used.

Specifically, when we will start seeing or feeling the results of the collaboration is not currently known, but will happen sometime during the second half of 2021.

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