QAnon shaman wants to testify against Trump in the Supreme Court

Jacob Chansley, 33, became known internationally as the “Shaman Act” when he stormed the Capitol building with other Trump supporters, wearing furs and animal horns on January 6.

He is now suspected of several federal crimes. Crimes he hoped Trump would pardon. But there was no pardon and now Chansley wants to sell the former president.

He’s not the only one wanting to sell Trump, but four other rebels have opened their doors to testify against the president, who they claim has issued “orders” over the storm.

Accused of incitement

The trial of Donald Trump, accused of fomenting a storm, begins on February 8th. If he is removed, he will be barred from running in the upcoming presidential elections.

“We want to put this terrible chapter in American history behind us,” Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer told the Washington Post earlier this week.

But it is unclear if it will be a conviction. It also requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate in favor of his conviction, which would require at least 17 Republicans to oppose his fellow party member.

Trump has consistently denied responsibility for the storm, however, taking to Twitter shortly after the incident describing the rebels as “very special.” Then, he sharpened his tone, describing the participants in the storm a “violent gang”.

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