Professor: No man should go to the United States now.

This weekend, sprinting competitions await in Quebec, Canada, and on Monday, the Long Circus will travel to Minneapolis, USA, for a sprint race before the World Cup ends in Canmore next weekend.

The Norwegian national team leads the way due to the health risks against the Coronavirus – something Agnes Wolde has praised.

– They do it very well, oh, oh, oh. You shouldn’t go to the United States or Canada, either. There is a high risk of injury there, she tells SVT Sport.

“It’s stupid to turn away the riders.”

But Sweden has already sent its fast team to Canada and the distance team will, as it now appears, head to the United States on Friday.

It was stupid to turn the riders away. They have to make sure that they never go to fast food places at all and therefore, they have to sit in the room and eat in room service.

Nobody has to go to the United States. They do not have a sick benefit system, and cannot afford to stay home and of course work when they are sick. There is a high risk of infection.

What do you think they would do with the distance team not riding yet?

– Absolutely stay home!

Agnes Wold: “The mouthguard has no effect” (March 10, 2020)

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Agnes Wold: “Mouthguard has no effect”

Neither the Swedish Public Health Agency nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to the United States or Canada.

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