Pressure is mounting on Andrew Cuomo to quit after accusations of sexual harassment

So far, five women working in Como came out and said that the governor had sexually molested them. In addition, former employees testify that for decades he has created a “toxic” work environment with verbal attacks, ridicule, and humiliation from his subordinates. Washington Post.

Two high-ranking party buddies Now he comes out and urges him to resign. These are the Senate Majority Leader in the New York State Parliament, Andrea Stewart Cousins, and House Speaker Carl E. Hasty. They think the scandal surrounding Komo is disturbing, especially given that his administration is also accused of trying to cover up the number of people who have died in nursing homes.

“New York is still in the midst of the pandemic and must deal with its social, health and economic consequences. We must be able to govern without the daily distraction.” Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​said in a written statement, in the interest of the state, Governor Cuomo should resign.

Carl E Heastie says he “shares the emotions”.

“We have to deal with many challenges and I think the time has come for the governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of New Yorkers,” he said in a statement.

Delstaten New York Chief Prosecutor Letitia James is launching an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo, while a federal investigation is underway into the toll.

But Cuomo has so far refused to leave his post.

On Sunday, the governor said he wanted to wait until the sexual harassment investigation was complete, and said it would be undemocratic to resign in the situation. Meanwhile, he denied the claims of two women. He also claimed that the MPs calling for his resignation or the Supreme Court were politically motivated.

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– I definitely won’t quit. Let the prosecutor do her investigation, let’s see what she finds, then we’ll take it from there.

The Washington Post contacted COMO to comment on his demands for his resignation.

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