Press release: Inauguration of the Christine Trollberg movement at Halland Museum of Art

It is the line, energy, and dance-like movement that Christine Trollberg constantly returns in her art. Often sculptures are made of simple materials to emphasize coincidence, experiments with shapes, materials and expressions; What appears incomplete and indicates new possibilities.

The exhibition starts on September 12th Christine Trollberg-RoyalsH In Haaland Museum of Art. The exhibition displays works from the 1950s until today.

Christine Trollberg was interested in fashion and painting early, and studied fashion in Paris in the late 1950s. Her drawings and paintings feature vibrant calligraphy in saturated colors. She herself says that light and lines have great significance in their shapes, which are often characteristic of animals and humans. Its versatility is seen in a diverse work between sculpture, drawing and painting where the same idea often appears to be visualized based on various conditions in different techniques.

Their human-like shapes are often alluded to, drawn in haste or not fully finished, as the different materials stand out and describe the working process. Are We Wounded After World War II? Are immigrants or researchers today searching for their place in the world?

Kerstin Trollberg was educated at Konstvac in Stockholm, and moved with her husband to Laholm in the 1960s where she still lives and works.

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Magnus Jensner, director of the museum
Phone: 035-16 23 01

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