Presenter: “Resist the attacks on science and democracy.”

Now, the pandemic deniers have made themselves heard and managed to gain attention in traditional media. Often behind events like the demonstration in Stockholm on Saturday are well thought out and funded strategies.

There are growing movements in Sweden and the European Union to break and destroy the prevailing unity and solidarity between the countries of Europe. Through conflict and confrontation, they want to drive the wedges into entrenched perceptions of reality and create chaos and chaos with disinformation.

This phenomenon must be taken very seriously. Sweeping under the rug and neglecting these individuals like 600 crazy tin hats is not a good option.

The first question The rulers of Sweden and the European Union should ask themselves who benefits from supporting and financing this type of activity. Climate denial, how Brexit went, the election of Donald Trump, the conspiracy law movement and the denial of the organized pandemic follow the same pattern.

Science and democratic values ​​are under attack. Society’s institutions must gather strength and fight back, otherwise we are in a bad situation. A storm similar to the Washington Capitol Storm can happen just as easily here.

In Stockholm, 600 people were seen in an illegal demonstration that turned violent. And behind them there are already thousands of Swedes who would agree. Thus, they fulfill and participate in a strategy that has no origins in Sweden or the European Union.

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