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Powerplay Lightning Punishes Hurricanes |

Tampa Bay Lightning took advantage of Carolina Hurricane’s ejection in Game 4 of the series in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In the second swing period, in which the team made a total of eight goals, Lightning hit three goals in numerical superiority after two powerplay goals by Stephen Stamkos and one of Nikita Kucherov. Efficiency helped Tampa Bay turn a 2-4 deficit into a 5-4 lead before the third game.

Lightning eventually won 6-4 after another Kucherov goal in the third period and is now leading the 3-1 match streak.

“We got two red cards late in the second half and that put us back in the game,” Stamkos told after the game. The ‘special teams’ were key for us today, and although we didn’t score on our first attempts at PP, we didn’t get discouraged but kept creating chances and ultimately winning.

Video: TBL-CAR M4: Eight goals in the middle of the first half in the fourth game

We also played really well in the first powerplay modes and felt we just needed to be a bit sharper in the finals, says Kucherov. When we raised the focus a little more, it lost.

During the first period, Carolina had a tough time getting up quickly in her match at Boiling Amalie Arena and went into the first half with a 0-1 lead. It was the eighth time in ten playoffs that a team conceded the first goal.

But in the second half, the Hurricanes played and led midway through the period with a 4-2 score. 2 minutes later Jake Ben And the Andrei Svichnikov However, he helped the home team regain the lead during the last five minutes of the period.


It was a crazy period, says Lightning coach John Cooper. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an amusement park, but that was really a roller coaster, chaos, and circus. We scored 11 goals during the series before the game and now eight goals in a span. If you took off your coach hat and looked at it from the outside, it must have been a very entertaining time to watch.

– We pulled too many expulsions to be able to win this game. Hurricane coach Rod Brindmore says it’s frustrating. We knew before the fall that we couldn’t give them a chance to play for numerical superiority. Now we’ve taken six expulsions (four of them in the second period) and it’s crucial. They have skilled men who just need a chance as well as an imp.

We have to be more disciplined, says Jesper Fast who scored 2-1 for the Hurricanes in the second half, with a 39-second lead with a 1-1 goal by Teofu Travignen. We had some tough times in the beginning but we got up in the second and grabbed the game. Unfortunately, we made it very difficult for ourselves afterwards by staying a lot in the ejection compartment. The Lightning is very good at their strong play and we can’t give them as many chances as we did today.

Video: Stamkos and Kucherov behind Tampa’s win in Game 4

Tampa Bay was more disciplined and killed two of the numerical disadvantages the team suffered during the game.

– The game in Boxplay is working fine and after the second half we found the game we want to play again and we closed the match in a very good way, says Hill. Alex Killorn. We’ll take this game with us and try to act that way the whole game next time. When we get to the top we are usually able to play very structured and collected.

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The match series now returns to the PNC Arena in Raleigh for Match 5 and both teams, after Saturday’s duel, have things in the game to take with them.

– This match does not characterize the way we want to play, says the 4-4 shooter Tyler Johnson. However, we have extensive experience playing these important matches and have shown that together we can grab matches and do what it takes to win. But we have to play better defensively in the future.

For the Hurricanes, a 1-3 defeat means the team now has to win three games in a row against the Stanley Cup holders.

“In a five against five game, I think we’re playing pretty well,” says Fast. I really think we can change this series of matches if we can play as we should and stay out of the penalty area.

We should keep our cool and stay focused on what we can influence, he says Jacob Slavin. We will continue the work ethic we have had throughout the season. We’ll make sure to get a little smarter on the ice and keep working hard.

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