Postnord shipments to the UK have ceased

Brexit creates persistent problems for e-commerce. The Postnord palletizing service, Postnord Pallet, has now been temporarily discontinued.

The import customs clearance process with British Customs has not yet been fully developed for receiving PostNord Pallet service from Sweden. This necessitates a pause which is expected to last through mid-February 2021, the logistics giant wrote on its website.

However, these are not huge volumes that will not go away now. And there must also be alternative solutions for disposing of their goods.

It’s not the biggest trade to happen this way, but of course it’s never good when things don’t go wrong. However, there are other temporary solutions for those who need to send larger quantities. You can still send bulk and parcel goods. If you need help, you can call us, says Maria Ibsen, in the Postnord press service, to Ehandel.

If you get the opportunity, it can also be helpful to have some ice in your stomach, as it looks like the solution will be only a few days away.

I spoke to those in charge of this about a week and a half ago and was told it should be close to resolution. So it should be working as usual again soon.

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