Police warn people not to approach the volcano in Iceland

Through satellite measurements, among other things, researchers are now trying to figure out how long the volcanic eruption will last on Friday. So far, the so-called magma chamber appears to be filling up continuously, and on Sunday there was also an earthquake more pronounced with a magnitude of 3.2, indicating continued activity.

It is the first major Earthquake in Fagradalsfjall since the eruption of the volcano.

Small earthquakes occur continuously and are expected to occur as long as the eruption continues.

It will be interesting to see if the magma flow is declining or if the flow is still stable, says Bjarki Kaldalón Friis, of the Icelandic Meteorological Agency To Morgunbladid.

As long as the magma continues to build up, the eruptions will continue.

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Coast Guard helicopter flew over the volcano.

Photo: Icelandic Coast Guard / AFP

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Photo: Icelandic Coast Guard / AP

The eruption of the volcano from Friday as the volcanic lava collects In a closed valley, Gildadalore, it attracted hundreds of visitors, especially the night before Sunday, and many are said to have traveled to witness this phenomenon described as a “small and beautiful” eruption.

There were about three hundred cars parked in the area, and the police assumed that there could be about a thousand people “in a peat bog, in the dark.”

Police warned again Because people do not understand the conditions and it can be more dangerous than many realize.

Lava flows over wetlands in many places. There could be steam explosions blowing lava in all directions, said Ragnwaldor Olafson, deputy chief of police in the Police Civil Protection Department. To Morgunbladid.

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The structures formed by the solidified lava can also be weak and collapse without warning.

He urged people to follow the authorities’ instructions.

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The lava was sprayed Friday night.

Photo: Icelandic Coast Guard / AFP

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In the distance, the volcano lights up the sky.

Photo: Halldor Kolbeins / AFP

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From tourist attractions and the Blue Lagoon spa, the volcano can be seen in the distance.

Photo: Halldor Kolbeins / AFP

You can also see the scene Through a web camera so installed Gildadalur coincidesWhere the lava collects and cools.

A video in which the entire Saturday session was cut into one minute It can also be accessed via ruv.is.


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