Police: The phone problem again TTELA

During the evening, the caller 114 14 received the message:

A pre-recorded voice said: “At the moment, we are facing technical issues with the phone, contact us later if possible.”

She also referred to the website and the emergency number 112 for urgent matters.

By then, the previous issues were said to have been resolved by 2 PM. Despite the announcement on 114-14 during the evening, the police continue to claim that the problems have been resolved.

– You go in the backup procedure and everything should work on 114 14. There are some internal malfunctions, but there should be no problems. Citizens should not be affected, says Malin Navfer of the National Police Media Center.

‘A little depressed’

Trinidad and Tobago: But if you call 14 114 the answering machine says there are technical problems?

There are some technical problems, but they do not affect the citizens. It is also possible to make police reports via our website. In an emergency, you can call 112.

Previous disturbances meant it was not possible to communicate and report via 114 14.

This applies to all of Sweden. We are feeling a little depressed here, said police spokeswoman Sarah Anderson.

The passengers had to wait

Border police were also unable to conduct border checks, which affected travelers in Ireland. On four flights, a few hundred passengers were waiting and queues formed.

The state-owned airport company Swedavia had to invest resources to push back airport visitors.

The unrest happened Sunday morning, but by 1 p.m. the system was completely shut down. Meanwhile, the emergency number 112 could still be reached.

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It does not affect emergency operations. Sarah Anderson said: We can still send and order the cars.

Niklas Svan / TT

Frederic Lielga / TT

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