Police in London accused of murdering women

The policeman was arrested on Tuesday in Kent in the southeast of England and is now formally charged with kidnapping and murder. At a preliminary hearing on Saturday, the suspect was present and confirmed his name and age in court.

How the 48-year-old will react to the accusations will not be made public until further negotiations are held on Tuesday.

Works with diplomatic protection

The man works in the diplomatic protection of the London Police.

– His primary role was to patrol in uniformed diplomatic buildings, especially in a number of embassies, as the police say about the colleague’s professional role.

The case has attracted a great deal of attention in the UK – not least after London Police issued a warning for women in the area around Clapham Common in the southern parts of the city to be careful not to walk alone.

Anger and criticism have been directed at the police, with many believing that statements in this manner indicate that it is a woman’s responsibility to avoid being assaulted.

Memory march canceled

On Saturday, a memorial parade was planned but the organizers canceled due to the coronavirus restrictions prevalent in the UK.

Sarah Everard was on her way home from a friend at 9 pm, through a green area of ​​London when she disappeared. On Friday, according to Sky News, police confirmed that her remains were found in a woodland area of ​​Dell in Kent, about 130 kilometers away.

– The investigation continues and we have hundreds of police officers working around the clock to map the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and the killing, Deputy Chief of Police Nick Evgrave said Friday.

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