Police have stopped Danny Saucido’s dinner show

The municipality of Petio previously gave the green light to the event, but police are now declaring the event a public gathering.

– We have spoken to our attorneys and have assessed that by advertising Danny Saucedo to play, not for the food itself, he is the temptation. Then it’s a concert, a public gathering, says Peter Lundmark, Acting Head of Local Police Piteå Älvdal, to TT.

In the spring, the government decided on a restriction in the Public Order Act, meaning that a maximum of 50 people may participate in public gatherings, which include concerts and theater performances.

The offer has been canceled

Pite Havsbad, as reported by Piteå-Tidningen, has received approval from the municipality regarding how to set up schedules to limit the spread of infection.

They can still keep it there, but then the 50 limit applies and they have to report this to us, says Peter Lundmark.

However, this is not the case – Pite Havsbad confirms that they have chosen to cancel the event completely.

Executive Director Christopher Lundstrom thinks it is sad that the police arrive at the “eleventh hour” and tear up the municipality’s decision.

We have had a dialogue with the municipality, which is the supervisory authority, and have presented an action plan for how to ensure that we keep the distance between the streams. The usual restrictions apply in the restaurant. We have very large spaces, this room has been approved to accommodate 1,000 people and we have limited it to 250, he says.

Ratings questions

What the police said stopped because it was just a famous artist like Danny Saucedo who would sing.

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– If it were you or I who did this dinner, it would be fine, we would have had 250 people. What makes one judge that this is a public gathering is that it is an artist of a certain caliber. Christopher Lundstrom says people are judged not to come for food but for Danny Saucedo.

The exact events considered to be public gatherings are determined on a case-by-case basis – and the assessments looked different in different places.

The biggest question I ask myself is why the assessment is done differently across the country, because we are not pioneers. Christopher Lundstrom says this type of entertainment is being offered elsewhere in the country.

Thomas Love, director of Danny Saucedo, told TT that they had no comments.

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