Player data is lost in Rust after a fire in the server hall

A fire broke out Wednesday night at one of the Ovhcloud buildings in Strasbourg, France. The fire can be extinguished at 4 am and no one should be injured, but the data center was seriously affected and one of them was judged to be completely destroyed.

Among those affected is Facepunch Studios, which developed the survival game Rust. As a result of the fire, 25 of Rust servers in the European Union are completely closed and Via Twitter They announced that they are expecting big data losses.

An update later confirmed that the data would not be recoverable and would be permanently lost. However, it should only concern player data in the form of “player progress”, the individual progression of players on servers. Usually player data is constantly deleted from the servers, but monthly as players have the opportunity to plan ahead. Servers returning so far lack player data, but it is not clear if the losses are equivalent or more comprehensive.

Although the reboot is nothing new, dissatisfaction and frustration has been expressed by players about the event. Facepunch has yet to comment on whether they intend to try to compensate victims for what they have lost.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire.

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