Perseverance has taken the first scratch on Mars.  It looks like it went great

It’s now just over two weeks since NASA’s newest spacecraft has landed on the red planet. Last weekend it was time for the rover to test its ability to drive on Mars, and now NASA says that sounds satisfactory.

On the 4th of March, the 33-minute persistence moved 4 meters forward, turned and then moved another 2.5 meters toward where it landed. Anis Zarifian of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory spoke about the first transport test of persistence on Mars:

“When it comes to wheeled vehicles on other planets, there are a few first-time events that are as important for the first drive. This was our first chance to“ kick the tires ”and bring tenacity out. The six-wheel drive responded beautifully. We are now confident that our driving system is fine and capable of taking us to wherever science leads us over the next two years. “

Now that Perseverance has left the landing site, although it hasn’t moved very far from it, NASA has also named the landing site. Henceforth, the site will be called the unofficial pseudonym “Octavia E. Butler”. It’s a name that NASA took to honor the American science fiction author of the same name. Butler has written science fiction books such as “Kindred,” “Bloodchild,” “Speech Sounds,” “Parable of the Sower,” “Parable of the Talents,” and “Patternist.”

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