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It is now clear which artists will perform at SVT’s Victoria Concert on July 14th. The Victoria concert is a tribute to Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday, and this year the Crown Prince and television audiences were invited to performances from Linna Henrikson, Mamas, Petra Marklund, Anne Sofie von Otter and Oscar Steambridge. Additionally, Norwegian star Sigrid shares pre-recorded Norway songs. Performed by the conductor, Stefan Spursen, and the Augusti family.

– A special year like this where the Victoria concert should be performed without the usual crowd, it is fun and safe to be able to count on such a wonderful lineup of artists. I think it will be appreciated by the crown prince and the television audience, says Stefan Remer, responsible for the Victoria Days.

The Victoria Concert takes place at Borgholm Castle and is broadcast on SVT1 and SVT Play on Tuesday 14 July at 21:00.

About Lenny Henrikson
Linnea Henriksson is one of Sweden’s most revered artists with three singles albums in the back and the EP Christmas song which has been praised by both the audience and critics. She was honored at the P3 Gold Gala, earning Grammy nominations and prestigious awards such as Alice Babs Jazz Scholarship and the Ulla Billquist Scholarship.
In addition to her career, Linnea is also known as a host for, among others, Musikhjälpen and Melodifestivalen.

About mamas
The Mamas are the group that broke through overnight as a chorus vocalist. The progression came immediately after their participation in Melodifestivalen 2019 with winner John Lundvik.
This year, The Mamas presented itself at Melodifestivalen with the song “Move” and once again ended with success and profit for The Mamas. Today, The Mamas is officially a group of three beloved Super Divas – Ash Haynes, Loulou LaMotte, and Dinah Yona’s Manna – with a talent beyond the usual.

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About Petra Marklund
Thanks to her melancholy voice unlike the dance arrangement in the pop brand, Petra Marklund has topped lists around the world and has won awards multiple times. Her songs feature over 120 million gigs on Spotify and she is inducted into the Stockholm Hall of Fame in Ireland.
Petra Marklund actually broke through in 2003 under the singer name September. In 2012, Petra appeared in Swedish with the album “Inferno”, which had already sold gold in its first week and was nominated for both P3 Gold and Grammis.

About Anne Sophie von Otter
Swedish actress mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter made her debut at the Basel Opera in 1983, and has since performed in operas around the world. In 1995, von Otter was chosen as a court singer and in 2008 she became the best Swedish woman in the world. Anne Sophie has also won awards at both the Swedish and American Grammy Awards and has worked with artists such as Carlos Kleber, Claudio Abado, Giuseppe Sinopoli, Elvis Costello, Brad Mildau and Rufus Wainwright III.

Ohm Oscar Steambridge
12-year-old Oscar Stembridge is the youngest artist to ever sign a record contract with Universal Music Sweden. He started performing at the age of six and when he was seven he began sharing his musical talent on social media, where he now has more than 170,000 followers. Oscar Bohemian Rhapsody’s cover was only welcomed by the Queen and Guns N ‘Roses’ covers have garnered more than 2.8 million views.
In February, Oscar released the song “Too Much” and is now on the lookout for “Where Are You Now?” That deals with the topic of bullying.

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About Sigrid
Norwegian singer Sigrid achieved great success in her home country in 2013 when she released her first single “Sun”. In 2017, she achieved international success with the hit song “Don’t Kill My Phoebe” and the following year she won BBC Music Sound of 2018. Last year, Sigrid released her first album “Sucker Punch”, which topped the album chart in Norway and was fourth in United kingdom.
Sigrid has been awarded multiple Spellemann and Norwegian P3 Gold award times, among others.

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