Patrick Kane is seen despite the massive US victory over Denmark

The United States put themselves in a good position to move from Group A after 7-1 against Denmark on Saturday afternoon in Kosice.

All-stars Jack Eshel, Dylan Larkin, Alex Deprenkat and Patrick Kane together scored nine points in the match. The talented superhero Jack Hughes also earned one point in the game, his first in the tournament, which means he is historically the youngest American player to score in a World Cup.

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But the biggest star, Patrick Kane, had three assists scoring goals alone. The Chicago star scored nine points in the tournament.

– It was a good team effort today. It’s fun to play with good players and we have good chemistry. Kane told SVT Sport that Germany is going to be a really tough game tomorrow, they are playing well.

But SVT expert Staffan Cronwall wasn’t a fan of Kane, when he developed the saw at the start of his third period 6-1 against the USA.

– I think it is blinking. I still see tendencies for poor background review and body language in the changes. Cronwall says he flashes and does cool things offensively, but he has the disc most of the time.

Now the match is definitely 6-1, so it’s hard to ask for a re-verification no matter how difficult it is but I still think there is a lot to come out of Patrick Kane when they expect better resistance, they might come to this, but there are still opportunities for improvement, so it’s fired It has the name Douga.

Denmark has five points in the group and is expected to avoid the last place currently held by Great Britain. But they also missed the quarter-finals.

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