Part Two of The Last of Us breaks records for Bafta nominations. It appears to be a big winner with 13 nominations

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has released nominations for this year’s BAFTA Game Awards and it looks like Naughty Dog will have to make more space on the award rack. Since its release, The Last of Us Part 2 has won 261 game awards this year from various media, and has now been nominated in 13 different categories for the Bafta Game Awards, which is the game’s record nomination number.

Among other things, The Last of US Part 2 has been nominated in the categories of Best Game, Animation, Sound Achievement, Music, Technical Achievement, and a number of nominations for Performer in a Leading Role and Performer in a Supporting Role.

Regardless of whether The Last of Us Part 2 brings victories in various categories, it’s a very good year for Sony. Other Playstation titles have also received occasional nominations. Ghost of Tsushima received ten nominations, Spider-Man: Miles Morales received seven nominations and Media Molecules Dreams was nominated in six categories. Another game that received a lot of nominations is Hades with eight.

The Bafta Game Awards will start on March 25th, then we’ll see how things go in the second installment of The Last of Us.

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