Paramount + costs 69 SEK a month. ViacomCBS ‘new streaming service will be launched next month

In 2021, Paramount + will have a huge library with a wealth of entertainment at competitive prices. Viewers of all ages will have access to a wide range of nearly 6,000 episodes and movies, consisting of exclusive titles from SHOWTIME, CBS and Paramount Studios as well as original content from Paramount +, exclusive dramas, films from Paramount, and exclusive movie premieres. Additionally, throughout the year there will be a wide mix of global and local content produced in all the different genres.

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Paramount + is also the exclusive venue for all upcoming SHOWTIME Premieres. Starting in March, it will be here that you can see the premieres of series that are unique and fan-favorite. Dexter, Ray Donovan, The Affair, Black Monday, and City on a Hill are among the 2021 library titles.

Previously, it was also possible to reveal SHOWTIME exclusive shows such as Dexter’s reboot, American Rust, and the long-awaited drama The First Lady (action title). Oscar®, Emmy® and Tony® winner Viola Davis is executive producer of The First Lady and will play the role of former White House first lady Michelle Obama. Oscar-nominated Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford, as well as Golden Globe Award winner Gillian Anderson, also Emmy nominee, as Eleanor Roosevelt also stars in the series.

Paramount + exclusive assets and content

The streaming service will offer premium content in the form of Paramount + Originals and new exclusive series. At launch, all of the critically acclaimed Yellowstone seasons of becoming a Central Florida God will be exclusive to Paramount +.

New and exclusive premieres at launch:

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Two Weeks Live, starring Maisie Williams

Independent comedy Everyone Is Doing something amazing written and directed by James Lafferty and Stephen Coletti of One Three Hill who also co-starred in the series
The first two seasons of Jordan Peeles The Twilight Zone
European action movie Mirage
Mexican science fiction mystery Danny is?
Crime drama The Coroner Season 1 and 2
Paramount + Originals and Upcoming Exclusive Headlines:

The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring Academy Award nominee and BAFTA Award winner Chiwetel Ejiofor, based on Walter Tevi’s novel of the same name and the famous movie starring David Bowie. The series will follow a new alien who comes to Earth at a turning point in human evolution and must confront its past to determine our future.

Mayor of Kingstown, where Taylor Sheridan gives us an insight into America’s greatest failures in one city
A lioness from the creator Taylor Sheridan
The show, a limited series of events about the creation of The Godfather, one of the most legendary films in Paramount history, was written by Oscar-nominated Michael Tolkien and an Emmy.
Guilty Party with Kate Beckinsale, CBS Studios
The Harper House, by CBS Studios
Y: 1883-en prequel to Yellowstone

Entertainment for children and family

Home to some of the most iconic brands in the world, like SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Paramount + is packed with Nickelodeon content and a host of new original titles featuring Nickelodeon’s most beloved characters.

At launch, the sub-series Battle Coral: SpongeBob’s Under Years will be available on Paramount +. Kamp Koral is an original animated series from CG that takes viewers back when the famous characters of Bikini Bottom meet for the first time, at a summer camp unlike anything else. In 2021, Nickelodeon Studio’s first co-production with Imagine Kids + Family, Astronauts, will be shown for the first time. A new live-action series follows a group of kids who set out on the adventure of a lifetime when they are accidentally launched into space.

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Great movies

Paramount + will also be home to a number of major film series such as Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones, and Godfather trilogy as well as new exclusive premieres at launch, such as Light of my Life, Tesla, Capone, Survive the Night and Wild Rose, Pretoria’s Escape and The Trouble.

A classic comedy

The comic genre is popular with all streaming services. Viewers can get a closer look at episode by episode with characters they know well. Paramount + will have a large library of the best comedy classics, with different titles in different markets. In the Nordic countries, viewers will be able to see all of the seasons of South Park and Okwafina: Nora from Queens, Corporate and the other Two, The Daily Show, The Roast franchise, Broad City and History of Sugar.

Reality classics and documentaries

Coming to Paramount + is new premieres from popular MTV formats like The Hills Season 2, which premieres in May. At launch in March, Paramount + Originals Story of Songs premieres, a series that dives into each episode a number of popular songs by famous artists such as Madonna, Celine Dion and Nirvana. Paramount + will also have a large photorealistic library consisting of, among others, Jersey Shore, Ex on The Beach, and Catfish. There will also be over 100 episodes of the Smithsonian Channel, which is a channel focusing on science, nature, culture, history, space, and documentaries. The American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates and Mysterious Britain are nicknames viewers can look forward to from there.

Locally Produced Content

The best stories from around the world will be created in local production at VIS, which is part of ViacomCBS International. The first to come out to the Nordic countries is the second season of the children’s show Hunden Ib, which comes early summer.

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