Over 100,000 fines are on the Danish party

According to Danish recommendations, a maximum of five people may gather in private homes. But over the weekend, Copenhagen police were once again forced to withdraw to stop gatherings that violate the recommendations.

At a party in central Copenhagen, according to the organizer, there was talk of a birthday party in a special title. But the organizer did not write on the address.

When we enter, we can say there are 22 people around. Police Inspector Rasmus Burnet Skovsgaard says they are all suspected of violating the diocese ban Extrablade.

Heavy fines

On 04.40, the police were alerted to an apartment in Nyhavn where loud music was playing. The apartment was rented by Airbnb and when the police arrived, many of the partygoers must have fled the scene.

15 people from the party now risking a fine.

A total of 37 suspects face a fine of 2,500 DKK, which means that the police on both sides have issued fines totaling 925,000 DKK – roughly 130,000 SEK.

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