“Our studios make their own decisions about game projects.”

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has several large game studios under its umbrella, with Bioware, DICE and Respawn Entertainment being some examples. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for greatly influencing the development of studios, which is something many gamers like to point out when releasing games that are not considered complete or meet expectations.

When I started this current role, I wanted to get rid of some preconceptions about the games we should be investing in and really start listening to players and integrating their voices into our development process. Since then, we have announced a list of player-requested games: New Skate, College Football, Command & Conquer remaster, Mass Effect Trilogy and have been developing free content in Battlefront 2 for several years to completely turn the perception of that game around.

This is something that has changed according to EA CEO Laura Miele, who has been in the role since April 2018. In Interview With IGN gaming site, Millie has talked about how she has been working for nearly three years to change the way EA chooses to prioritize gaming projects, as decisions will ultimately be determined by what Players Want and what Publisher Studios think is the best.

Most recently, Bioware put the nail in the coffin of Anthem Next, which was supposed to be a restart of what has so far been a failed new project. For many, the decision did not come unexpectedly, but others who were looking forward to the game pointed the finger at Electronic Arts. Whether the publisher’s decision is unclear, but according to Millie, the publisher’s studios are gaining increasing independence.

Apex takes place in the world of Titanfall and the Respawn team is incredibly proud of this legacy and brand. This team will determine what the future holds for Apex and Titanfall. I don’t believe in guiding or telling gaming teams what to create, it has to come from the gamer community and inspire and motivate developers. […] There is a lot of creative independence within an EA but there are certain values ​​and principles we have as a company that we cannot afford to be exposed to.

The franchise that’s meeting even bigger demand is Titanfall from game studio Respawn Entertainment, which recently took off Confirmed May 2020 There is no new part under development. Instead, the studio invests most of its resources Battle royaleApex Legends game. EA’s studio director, Laura Milley, says whether or not it will be a new Titanfall is entirely up to Respawn Entertainment.

In conclusion, Milly affirms that it satisfies the publisher, Players The interests of the studios are balanced. While the goal is for studios to be able to make decisions, it is EA that ultimately makes the decision, and will “step in” if the situation demands it.

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