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Clearly, Sirius started off more actively with two finishes by Stefano Vecchia and a serious off-hand gesture by Nahum Netbay.

The advantage of the guests in the game continued for most of the first half. Orebro climbed a few times but without worrying about Lucas Johnson in the crosshairs of Sirius too much.

However, Orebro played quite a bit during the first half and the goalkeeper Sirius offered him a goal lead. After 35 minutes, Dennis Collander sent a free kick into the penalty area, but Lukas Jonsson made a great save.

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Orebro was the best that came out in the second half. After 49 minutes of the match, Nahir Besara came from the middle past the visitors’ defense to score the goal to make the score 1 – 0. However, Lukas Jonsson made a superb save.

The match fluctuated with chances in both directions, but Örebro was the stronger team. After 55 minutes, Nahir Besara grumbled down the right flank, then got past the lopsided defender to score 2 – 0, giving Lukas Jonsson the lead.

Sirius Stefano Vecchia came to several finishing touches during the match. In the quest for the reduction, he finally managed, on the eleventh attempt, to put the reduction to 1-2.

In the last quarter, Sirius pressed with a goal of 2-2 but did not succeed, despite 22-14 in the final.

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