Opportunistic support behind technology companies

SVT agenda Invited in Sunday Digitization Minister Anders Eggman and Swedish Democrat Party leader Jimmy Auxon to discuss online lies and the power and responsibility of social media companies.

The host addressed Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s warning in the Swedish Parliament that forces in Sweden want to undermine democracy. He specifically referred to Sweden’s Democrats. Legman defends the statement by saying that, despite the storming of the US Congress, he wanted to award Trump the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as shut down the public service.

Okison defended himself Although he personally has never stated that he wants to award Trump the Peace Prize, he has never stated that he wants to shut down the public service. When word came back to Ygeman and asked if the Social Democrats were also not polarized himself, he didn’t think so, but continued accusing Åkesson of spitting yellow on him.

Feeling like it’s Ygeman instead of Åkesson who just came up with false accusations or at least greatly exaggerated, there’s no doubt a huge percentage of TV viewers.

Then the discussion proceeded to the authorities of the network giants to shut down the accounts of users who believed they were spreading lies. In that discussion, Okson expressed concern that internet giants were arbitrarily shutting down right-wing accounts after the storming of the US Congress, while he was in favor of internet giants taking responsibility for what they wrote on their channels.

This was the case The left, which was concerned about the domination of the bourgeois media, wanted more actors to increase the breadth of opinions and voices. Instead, it is the right that is concerned about the monopoly the internet giants enjoy, and the power they have to silence voices they do not like. The sender of media criticism has changed, but the content is strikingly similar, although the topic of criticism today is technology companies and not media houses.

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There is doubt that the IT giants in Silicon Valley have a political lean. There is something in it. it’s a a favour And 98 percent of Internet company donations in the US presidential election last year went to Democrats.

One guess it is The left’s craze for the freedom of giants to shut down users is not primarily due to ideological support for these companies’ business activities, but to the hope that their side will benefit if companies are given free access to our public spaces.

It is alarming to see those who criticize the strong position of large corporations suddenly get angry at those who want to get involved in the internal affairs of private companies. Do they not understand their motives? It might look different if users sympathize with the ones turned off.

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