Olympic loss still haunts the United States: “she etched herself into the retina of her eye”

It is WC One against WC Three in Solna on Saturday night.

The international match between the USA and Sweden will be the most important test so far before Olympic football this summer in Japan. A true prestige meeting.

If I had a choice, I would have met the United States during every team camp. Real Madrid star Kosovar Aslani said it was very exciting to compete against the best.

– They are the best national team in the world and they have very impressive qualities, so we have to give our best football to beat them – but if there is any national team in the world that can live up to their fitness and the way they play, it is us.

Stena Blacksteinius and Kosovar Aslani during one of the national team training sessions this week in Friends Square.

Photo: Claudio Briciani / TT

The latter has it Event. However, if, only seven times, in 41 attempts.

Sweden likes to remember the last victory a little more.

For its part, the United States did not succeed in forgetting the same match.

“It was terrible and I felt completely unsuccessful,” international superstar Megan Rapinoe said in a statement. Press Conference this week.

– Of course it hurt them incredibly much. But maybe they should have forgotten about it rather than sticking to it and talking about it, says Swedish national team captain Caroline Seger.

What is it about is the Olympic quarter-finals in Brazil 2016, which has become a Swedish classic.

The United States was the reigning world champion and Olympic reigning champion. But yellow and blue struck the Americans on penalties, and they later took the silver medal.

I know the match has shattered itself in the retina, Kosovar Aslani says, while Hacken striker Stena Blackstinius plays the role:

Of course I have good memories from that match. I really think we can stand up well against us.

National team captain Caroline Seager.

National Team Captain Caroline Seager.

Photo: Claudio Briciani / TT

Blacksteinius Var For the first time in the tournament, Sweden gave the lead in the quarter-finals, which ended 1-1 after full time and overtime.

What does it mean to know that you can get rid of them, and even win?

Of course, that means a lot, knowing that we have a chance against one of the best teams in the world. This is something I totally think we should take with us from the start, says Blacksteinius.

After the Olympic quarter Sweden met the USA in two training matches (0-1 at home in 2017 and 2-3 away in 2019), as well as in the 2019 FIFA World Cup ™, where eleven Swedish reserve-focused players dropped 0-2.

Facing the United States is the biggest challenge they can face, says captain Peter Gerhardson of the national team.

For us as coaches – to come up with a game plan, spoil what we’ve done before, get closer and hope to win – and also for the players to compete with the very best in the world.

Kosovar Aslani says:

“If I had a choice, I would have met the United States during every camp for the national team,” Kosovar Aslani says.

Photo: Jesper Zerman / Bildbyrån

Yes, after a qualifying fall With simpler opposition on paper, and minor victories against Austria and Malta so far in 2021, Saturday’s match will be something else.

The Olympic groups draw will take place on April 21, and the tournament begins in Japan on July 21. What answers does the league captain want?

We always want to win football matches, and this is the absolute best for self-confidence, says Gerhardson.

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