Older people want the promised vaccine – Kkuriren

We seniors don’t want to replace the promised Pfizer vaccine, with 95 percent certainty.
This is a good and well studied vaccine, given as two injections every 3 weeks. After the last vaccination, you wait a week and then have good protection from the vaccination for several months.

For us old people, this was the light in the tunnel that we believe and believe in. Many elderly people are now very anxious and sad.
We need a ready, vaccinated vaccine in about 4 weeks.
So we want a good vaccine that lasts longer and is well researched.

The vaccine suggested by Astra Zenecas is now being used in countries such as France and the United Kingdom.
This vaccine has not been researched much. In the United Kingdom, only one dose of the vaccine has been given and its safety is not known.

After the first vaccination, wait several weeks before the second vaccination takes place. There is no information due to the fact that it is very new and has not been given a final injection. So it is not known how high the level of security will be or how long it will last. The potential safety previously mentioned is 60 percent (with one big question mark related to the elderly.)

This gives us no safety, and just giving an injection gives us less safety.
So we wish the promise our seniors previously made to us is a fast and proven vaccine like Pfizer.
We are very concerned and sad about this sudden reversal. We don’t have much energy left.

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Unfortunately, if there are many changes in the vaccine, who would prefer to abstain (can we get a Pfizer vaccine later, we’d rather wait).

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