Oakley and Turtle Beach release gaming glasses. +5 accuracy

Oakley recently released a new type of Prizm glass used in sunglasses and the new version should be great to use when playing around. More specifically, the glass should increase color contrast and purify blue light to reduce eye strain and thus fatigue. Oakley has now announced that it has partnered with gaming accessory makers Turtle Beach to bring some new glasses to gamers.

First in the collaboration, we have a variant of Metalink RX that comes with a black and gray bezel and has the iconic Turtle Beach logo on the side. The Metalink RX frame is adapted for use with headphones and can be fitted with standard Prizm Gaming and forcefully Prizm Gaming glasses if needed.

While Metalink RX can be fine to play, Oakley and Turtle Beach teamed up and released a different type of Frogskins Lite sunglasses. The new version comes with the Turtle Beach color scheme, i.e. black and gray, and has a rainbow Oakley logo on the side and Turtle Beach palm. The glass is Oakley’s Prizm in Ruby Iridium color.

Both new Metalink RXs appear to be only available in physical stores Frogskins Lite can be purchased from the Turtle Beach website for € 152.

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