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EntertainmentOak: think rich crowns, clench his fist - wonderful transformation

Losing to Denmark in premiere stings. The zero against Belarus was embarrassing. After two World Cup matches that’s weird and shaky, Tre Kronor lost twice to some of the weakest expected opponents in the group. Only the UK is the worst.

And I scored three goals in two matches – Tre Kronor hasn’t seen such a drought in a World Cup since 1996. But now it’s history too.

The encounter with Switzerland was a must-win match for Trey Kronor and it was noted. Aside from Victor Loew’s clumsy ejection twelve (!) seconds later, Johann Garbenlov’s team put in a high-profile effort.

This initially stupid expulsion was like a little extra ammonia in the nostrils and KHL goalkeeper Adam Redburn, who was almost alone in getting approval in the 1-0 loss against Belarus, quickly entered the fateful and temporary World Cup events. The square in Riga.

Tre Kronor cleaned up Boxplay and then Jonathan Bodas showed how hard Switzerland and marathon man Andres Ambühl (16 WC!) worked to score points. Pudas plays with great empathy and with all the emotion that Frölunda striker Max Freiberg called upon before the match.

Tre Kronor played in attendance and just decided the World Cup starts now! This is how Sweden needs to continue playing in this tournament to reach the playoffs. To get to the medals of the matches.

In terms of the quality of other teams in the World Cup, Tre Kronor is a candidate for the medal, as are Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia from this group …

The clear and convincing 7-0 victory over Switzerland was the fruit of all the players who fought for each other and perhaps also Johann Garbenlov.

Producing such a feat when it was most needed was indeed a nice message to strength.

Winning means Tre Kronor does not count. It also provided important answers from key players in the World Cup:

• Adam Redborn, former Djurgaard goalkeeper, was over 95% against Belarus and against Switzerland was one of the best players, not only in Tre Kronor but on the ice.

• Jesper Frödén, future NHL player (?), got his first two games out of the stands, but with Carl Klingberg injured and away from the rest of the World Cup finals, he got the chance. And as he took it. In a series with the very active Max Friberg and Andreas Wingerli, the shot came from Skelleftea with 22 goals alone.

Frödén made his way to the World Cup, tackled, pre-checked, and hit both a control shot and a really cunning shot to 4-0, killing the match and ending a pallid effort from confident goalkeeper Leonardo Genone.

• The NHL players did not have a pleasant start to the World Cup, but against Switzerland both Adrian Kempe and Victor Olofsson scored from the cross. Just what they need. Of course also exactly what captain of the national team Johann Garbenlov brought them home.

Adrien Quimby’s pairing with older brother Mario Quimby was a good idea, and she was seen in a few changes earlier in the World Cup. Against Switzerland, they were on high alert and Los Angeles heart Kempey fought a match in the game with California challenger Timo Meyer of San Jose.

A little amusing to see Kempes and Meier’s gnawing.

The back game against Switzerland was Tre Kronor’s best match so far. Magnus Nygren made a great game with and without the disc. He, Henrik Tommerns and Nils Lundqvist each scored goals and defenders contributed almost half of the goals.

## During the match you could see the Swedish players smiling in the booth. However, the focus was there.

The least pleasant thing in the context was that Lulea’s Nils Lundqvist was forced to step down with just over five minutes to go. He got caught between two Swiss in a tangled situation when he showed up on his own and it wasn’t much fun in this case. A bit like when Karl Klingberg was injured against Belarus, Lundqvist was knocked out.

## Nils Lundqvist may be 20, but he’s been Tre Kronor’s best defender in all three games so far in WC. Calmness, wisdom, one goal and four assists in his first three World Cup matches.

I hope he escaped unharmed.

Then Tre Kronor can continue on this new path towards a more fun World Cup in the future if possible.

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