Nvidia confirms unintended distribution of RTX 3060 encoder driver

Most recently, on Monday, we reported cryptocurrency mining on the Geforce RTX 3060, which appears to have been allowed to continue at full speed with the help of new drivers from Nvidia. Among the users who tested the company’s driver version 470.05, one can highlight a diverse success in mining cryptocurrencies with the Ethereum algorithm – the rumor mill also recommended using an MSI specific BIOS.

In a letter to Hardwareluxx Editor-in-Chief Andreas Schilling, Nvidia asserts that the driver “in some configuration” was all that was needed to achieve unlocked performance. Video Cards On the other hand, reports indicate that the driver in question appears to be working with the entire Geforce RTX 3060 when cracking the cryptocurrency, with the exception of the Inno3D and Zotac.

However, some restrictions were reported to have continued, despite the driver being not insured. Users reported cryptocurrency performance halved in the case of PCI ExpressRisers Used and if the graphics card in question does not have an active connection via any of its image outputs. The rigs equipped with multiple graphics cards are said to only work if the cards are connected directly to the motherboard and the image output is used.

Nvidia hastily removed the injured driver, but damage is already expected. 470.05 is expected to continue on cryptocurrency platforms until a complete break of the barrier is found, but it is also subject Reverse Engineering In search of a software lock that locks Ethereum algorithm.

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